Norman Flynn





Academic Director, MSc Public Policy and Management, Centre for Financial and Management Studies, SOAS, University of London (2002-date)

Freelance consultant, writer, teacher (2001-2002)

Director, Public Services Management Programme at LSE (contract) (1998-2000)

Chair Professor, Public Sector Management, City University of Hong Kong (1996-98)

Research Fellow, London School of Economics (1991-96)

Lecturer in Public Sector Management and Director, Institute of Public Sector Management, London Business School (1984-91)

Lecturer in Economics, University of Birmingham, Institute of Local Government Studies (1978-84)

Lecturer, Birmingham School of Planning (1973-78)

Planning Assistant, Durham County Council and Greater London Council (1968-73)





Comparative study of government budgeting and study of Scottish budgeting system (2001-02)

The impact of the Labour government on public sector management in the UK (1999-2006)

The connection between government, business and society in East and South-east Asia funded by City University, Hong Kong (1996-99)

Evaluation of education policy changes in Hong Kong, funded by University Grants Committee, Hong Kong (1997-2000)

Evaluation of City Challenge in North-west London, funded by Department of Environment (1993-98)

Comparative public management in Europe (1993-95)

The development of the market in community care, funded by the Department of Health and the Rowntree Foundation (1989-94)

The development of markets in the public sector, funded by Leverhulme Trust (1989-91)

Decentralised decision-making in the public sector, funded by ESRC (1990-91)





Public Sector Management


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Local Government in the United Kingdom

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Community Care and Social Services Management

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Customer service

(with J Hodgson) ‘Making Customer Service Happen’ (Video and Workbook) Melrose Film Productions, 1990

(with J Hodgson) Servicepoint, (Video and Workbook) Green Dragon Productions, 1987

‘A Consumer-Oriented Culture?’ Public Money and Management, 8, 1/2, 1988


Teaching, course writing and Course Management


Author, commissioner, editor distance courses at MSc level, University of London External Programme 2002 - date

Programme academic director MSC Public Policy and Management, University of London 2002 – date


Author and co-author, distance learning courses: Public Policy and Management: Perspectives and Issues; Privatisation and Public Private Partnerships; Public Financial Management; Investment Appraisal and Impact Analysis; Decentralisation and Local Governance; International Management.


Author, web-based module on managing collaboration, for Lancaster University 2002


At LBS 1987-91 and LSE 1991-96, and 1998-2000, Director, Public Sector Management Programme; MBA: Economics for Business 1, Strategic Management in the Public Sector, Consultancy Skills (elective)


At City University Hong Kong: MA in Public Policy and Management: Comparative Public Policy, Comparative Public Management. Also helped redesign the MAPPM

At University of the West Indies: MA in Public Management: Strategic Management

Regular contributor Museums Leadership Programme U.E.A.

PhD supervision, LSE, Hong Kong and Geneva (external supervisor)


Visiting Positions


Innsbruck University, HINT (Norway), University of West Indies, Kingston campus




Advising Scottish Parliament on redesigning the budget process to include outcomes. (2001-02)


Advisor to a UK national charity in the fields of substance misuse, mental health and learning difficulties on recruitment, strategy and budgeting and organisational structure.(2000-02)


Advisor, various local authorities, government departments and charities on management matters, especially internal markets, contracting, dealing with outside suppliers and management structures. As well as UK government departments and health and local authorities, this has included the Swedish Health and Social Care Board and the County Council of Stockholm.


Member, United Nations mission to Sarajevo to advise on implementation of the Federal Constitution of Bosnia i Hercegovina, as set out in the Washington Agreement of 1994. (1995)


Member, team of foreign experts helping to establish a new Academy of Public management in Slovenia, for Swiss and Slovene governments (1995)


Member, team of foreign experts on a Sino-Swiss training of trainers programme in Beijing. The purpose of this project was to strengthen the human resource development capacity of a variety of Chinese institutions in a period of rapid change (1994-1996)


Adviser, Royal Hong Kong Police force on performance management (1997)


Adviser to Collegio Medico de Bolivia and the El Alto, La Paz, District of the Bolivia Ministry of Health on health care reforms (1989-1995)


Adviser on customer care, UK Benefits Agency (1989-1990)




Workshops and seminars


Seminar on fiscal decentralisation for Financial and Fiscal Commission, RSA, 2006

Workshops on financial management for Eastern Cape provincial government, South Africa, 2004

Organized international conference on 'The State in the Asia-Pacific Region', Hong Kong June 1998

Practitioner workshops on public sector reform, Hong Kong, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Australia and Austria

Two two-week seminars for the Department of Social Security and its Executive Agencies

Nationwide practitioner seminars on markets in community care, competition and performance management


External examiner

Sussex, Birmingham, Aston, Stirling, Hull


Pro bono work

2006 – Governor, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language College, Islington, London


Foundation member, Turning Point; adviser British Red Cross, Leonard Cheshire Foundation, (then) Spastics Society

Editorial Boards

Policy and Politics, Public Money and Management




BA (Econ) Sussex 1968

MA (Econ) Newcastle 1975




French and Spanish (good) German (fair)